Monday, 29 August 2016

Completing the 3rd Challenge (Part 2)

1. Bagaimana perasaanmu saat melakukan wawancara? Saya merasa biasa saja.

2. Apa hal baru yang kamu ketahui/pelajari dari tantangan ini? Saya harus berbicara lebih jelas.

3. Apa yang kebingungan/kesulitan/kendala yang kamu rasakan/temui ketika mengerjakan tantangan ini? (bila ada) Membuat Bapak penjual roti memahami pertanyaan saya.

4. Bagaimana cara kamu berdiskusi dengan teman? Memakai telegram

5. Apa saja yang kamu diskusikan dengan teman? Pertanyaan dan cara mempresentasikannya.

6. Apa yang kamu pelajari/ajarkan kepada teman? (bila ada) Tidak ada

7. Bagaimana perasaanmu saat bekerja sama dengan teman? Biasa aja..,senang....

Those are the questions (and answers) about how my interview went on. I made an animation to make my presentation interesting, using Scratch. Here's the link to it. 

Monday, 22 August 2016

Completing the Third Challenge (Part 1)

My 3rd challange is:  Wawancara seorang penjual makanan/minuman yang tinggal di sekitarmu dan sajikan hasilnya dengan menarik agar orang lain yang melihat/membaca jadi ikut mengenal penjual tsb. 

I was asked to interview someone who sells food around my neighbourhood and present it interestingly so that other people who read this may know more about the seller.

I had observed the food sellers around my house and here is the table where I listed down my observations of them. I only list down 4 though, because there are a lot of them around my neighbourhood:

I chose the bread seller (penjual roti Vianda), as we often bought his bread and he's so friendly. Plus, he's the first bread seller that goes around my housing area to sell bread.

Next, I was asked to make questions for me to interview him, so we know more about him. These are the questions: 

Here's the link.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

My Recent Coursera Accomplishments

I completed several courses on history and one in paleontology. Their deadlines were so close together, I had to rush to finish them!

 This is my accomplishment for the course The Holocaust-An Introduction (I): Nazi Germany: Ideology, The Jews and the World.

My accomplishment for the course The Holocaust-An Introduction (II): The Final Solution.

I'm now really interested with modern history, especially WW2, so, as this course explores the details into it, I find this really interesting.

My accomplishment from Paleontology: Early Vertebrate Evolution

I've always loved paleontology since I was young, so I found this course interesting too! Only the biology level is much harder than my ability. I reviewed the lessons and combed Wikipedia and Google to solve this hard biology :D. 

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Completing the 2nd Challenge

For the 2nd challenge, I was asked to brainstorm to answer this quetion: Apa saja kemampuan yang diperlukan untuk melakukan perjalanan dengan tujuan seperti yang kamu bayangkan?

These are the steps to complete this challenge:

  1. Pahami pertanyaan yang menjadi topik brainstorming.
  2. Curah pendapat. Catat seluruh hal yang terpikir olehmu sebagai jawaban dari pertanyaan di atas, minimal 10 kemampuan. Pada tahap ini tidak perlu pikir panjang atau mempertimbangkan tentang betul atau salah. Tidak perlu juga berpikir apakah kamu sudah mampu melakukannya atau tidak.
  3. Klarifikasi maksud pendapat.  Pastikan kamu paham maksud pendapat yang sudah kamu curahkan dan bisa menjelaskannya bila ditanya maksudnya oleh orang lain
  4. Evaluasi pendapat. Periksa ulang seluruh pendapat yang terkumpul, hilangkan duplikasi dan kombinasi yang sejenis.
  5. Kelompokkan hasil curah pendapat yang telah dievaluasi ke dalam kategori* sesuai Dasa Dharma Pramuka (bila ada yang cocok)
  6. Kenali dirimu dengan memberi tanda (icon) pada kemampuan yang sudah kamu kuasai.

This is what I did for no. 2:

This is what I answered to no. 4:

 My answer for no.5:

And this for no.6:

I made my answer for no.6 differently. The instructions asked me to put icons on the abilities I could do already, but there are some of the abilities that I can and can't do. You'll see. 

After that I was asked to answer these questions:
  1. Bagaimana kamu memahami penjelasan tantangan ini? Misalnya melihat kamus untuk memahami arti kata dalam penjelasan, berdiskusi dengan orangtua dll.
  2. Apa yang menurutmu menarik saat mengerjakan tantangan ini?
  3. Apa yang kebingungan/kesulitan/kendala yang kamu rasakan/temui ketika mengerjakan tantangan ini? (bila ada)
  4. Apa hal baru yang kamu ketahui/pelajari dari tantangan ini?
My answers:

1. My mom, my friend Yla, and Wikipedia helped me to understand the Indonesian words and sentences that I didn't understand.

2. What I think is interesting when I'm doing this is that I didn't really know the total amount psychologic/mental abilities I could and couldn't do until I wrote it down. Sometimes writing just helps you divulge yourselves.

3. I don't really understand a lot of the Indonesian words

4. The thing that I learned from this challenge is that I have to improve myself a lot. Although I'm already aware of it.  

Monday, 8 August 2016

Completing the 1st Challenge.

I used the internet to finish this 1st challenge, which is to find 3 quotes about travelling, then choose 1 and decorate it. I decided to find the quotes from well-known people. Here they are:
1. "You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore."
   -Christopher Columbus
I find this pretty interesting because it shows that in every expedition/exploration, you need courage and sometimes sacrifice must be made.

2. "When life gets you down, do you wanna know what you've gotta do? Just keep swimming."
    - Dory (from Finding Nemo)
I like this quote because it shows that if there are obstacles in a trip, you may not give up. Although in my opinion it is represented a bit comically..... but that's the reason why I like it!

3. "Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all of one's lifetime"
     - Mark Twain

This quote is interesting because it means that you have to keep on exploring, be brave to make a move or sudden change, as you have to make a lot of decision (and sometimes they're hard!) when travelling.

I decided to choose the 3rd one for my decorated quote. I just made it simple because I have just a few minutes before the show Masterchef Australia S8 starts ;p.


Sunday, 31 July 2016

Big Trip Challenge

1. Because the people who mostly went to Antartica are scientists, but he wanted to go there as just someone who wanted to explore Antartica. He also wanted to try if he could reach Antartic with limited resources and an uncertain environment.

2. When he rode a bus in Honduras and hit a cow.

3. We should always be calm and don't panick.

4. Yes. I would like an adventure where everything is uncertain and full of thrills.

5. Lack of food, forgetting my things, and unsafe places.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

A Trip to Purwokerto

On July the 5th, my parents decided to go back to Purwokerto, and stay there for 4 days 3 nights, because they thought that the Toll way is traffic-jam free. But the Toll way was tight packed, so we used the South road, although the distance was longer. We reached there around 7 p.m., bought plenty of Mendoans, then waited for my cousins in my grandpa's house. After that, we went to stay together in my Aunt's private villa.

First night there
We spent the first day visiting our relatives living in Purwokerto. First I visited my great aunt and distant cousin.
First morning there.
Visitng my great aunty.
Then I visited my grandma's grave. It's very hot!!!!

Eating lunch in our usual place:

We had barbecue that night with all most of our relatives in the villa. It was so fun, because the fire took a long time to light up. As there were no fans to help light the fire up, we had to fan it for a really long time. We switched turns when we got tired.

The tweens played cards after the barbecue. The rule is: whoever looses will have his/her's face given face powder, and that person may not clean it until it's go home time for the relatives who lives in Purwokerto.

First Henry, then Juan, then me...:(

On my third day there, it's time for my cousins from Bandung to go home, so my family and I were alone! We visited Telaga Sunyi (only it's not really quite anymore):

This was me and my family having fish theraphy in Pringsewu Restaurant.

The next day we went home. It was a really fun holiday!