Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The 7th Challenge (Part 1)

For the 7th task of EKSPLORASI, we were asked to make a research about food. We are divided into 7 groups, that will research about different types of food (Fruits, Seafood, etc, etc). There are 4 members in this group. Tata, Donna, Anja and Katya. The four of us got the topic non-wheat (gluten free) cakes. So bread is excluded.

We discussed the steps we’ll take, and in the end we agreed with this:


“First, we’ll discuss our favorite non-wheat snacks. Second, we’ll think of the person we’re going to ask from. Third, we’ll make some questions for the ‘Interview’. Next, we will go ask (individually) the person we chose for the questions. After we asked and re-checked our data, we’ll find some more information from books and internet. When that’s done, we can start making our creation”.

For the people and place we would like to interview, we decided on:

The particular food seller and who knew the process of making it, and where he/she works (close to our area).


The questions we’ll be are:

  1. Where does this food come from?
  2. What are the main ingredients?
  3. Is this made out of --- flour?
  4. Is there any mixture of wheat flour?
  5. How is the process (Fry, bake, etc, etc)?
  6. How long does one of these take to make?
  7. Does this cake contain vitamins?
  8. Out of all the food that you sell, which one is your favorite?

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Flour Beetles in My Turtle's Food

I usually feed my turtles by taking a half-handful amount in my hand and sprinkling it out to them, but at this time, I saw that there were wiggly things in the water. When I checked the turtle's food bottle, I discovered flour beetle insects and larvaes. (Since then I used a spoon to feed my turtles.)

Here is a short summary of them:

Flour beetles (Tribolium confusum and T. castaneum) are 3/16 inch long, reddish-brown, and elongate oval in shape. Larvae are cylindrical, whitish, or cream-colored and up to 1/4 inch long and have two small pointed spines on the tail end (the larvae are not usually noticed by residents). Two species of flour beetles may be found: red flour beetles are common in homes and the confused flour beetle is a frequent pest in flour mills. Flour beetles infest many types of dried food products, such as flour, bran, cereal products, dried fruits, nuts, and chocolate. (I get it from here).
Here are the pictures:
The larvaes in my turtle's food.
The larvae is on the left, the adult one on the right. They both were compared to an average key size.

We suspect that this was either part of
the nest or a cocoon.

Ants taking the larvaes.

Only, the ants had difficulty doing it,
as the larvaes attack back, and the ants often failed.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Completing the 6th Challenge

To complete the 6th challenge, I was asked to find 10 patterns and make 5 inferences. I made the inferences in graphs:

The total correspondent are 24 people.

The inferrence from this is that people prefer non-spicy food.

 The inferrence from this is that more people likes savoury, rather than sweet snacks

 The inferrence from this is that more people likes non-fried food. 

The inferrence from this is that more people like main courses.

The inference from this is that more people like Indonesian cuisine.

What I learned from this:

1. Manage my time better (I submitted this late).
2. How to collect datas, find patterns and make inferrences.

The difficulties that I have:

1. Reading my friends' blog takes a long time.... sometimes it gets boring. 

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Completing the 5th Challenge

To complete the 5th challenge, I was asked to interview a person whom I haven't known their private life yet and about their favorite food. I was asked to find something interesting from it. I interviewed my daily fruit supplier, called Pak Suni. I didn't take a wefie or picture of him, because he doesn't want to be photoed and I respect his privacy.

While interviewing him I recorded our conversation with my mom's recorder. These were the questions and answers:

Q: What's your favorite food?
A: Fried food

Q: What kind of fried food?
A: Fried Banana

Q: What is so special about fried banana that makes it your favorite food?
A: Because it's sweet and delicious.

Q: When was the first time you tried fried banana?
A: When I was a small kid.

Q: Was it bought or a homemade one?
A: A homemade one, made by my mom.

Q: Does your mom like to cook?
A: Yes.

Q: Did she often cook fried banana?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you have any good memories from fried banana?
A: No. Nothing special.

Q: Now do you still like to make fried banana?
A: Yes. Together with my wife.

Q: Is fried banana still your favorite?
A: Yes.

Q: Why is it still a favorite, why don't you change to others?
A: Sometimes I change, but fried banana is still my favorite.

Q: What banana do you usually use for your fried banana?
A: Kapok Banana and Uli banana.

Q: Where did you get your bananas?
A: From a tradisional market.

Q: Was it far (from your previous house)
A: Very far.

Q: Did you go to the market to buy your bananas or was it delivered?
A: I went there to buy them.

Q: Was it expensive?
A: At that time it was cheap.

My creation to make this interesting: click here.

This is my reflection:

1. Why did you choose that person to interview? Because he's our daily fruit supplier.

2. When did you do the interview? After he's done selling his fruits and was about to go home (we've made an appointment ).

3.  Where did you do your interview?  I did it at home.

4. How long did you do the interview? I did it for 3 minutes 5 seconds.

5. What is interesting or unique from the interview result? Even though he had changed his favorite food several times, he still sticks to fried banana. It means his "changed several times favorite food" were just temporary.

6. Were there any difficulties when doing this interview? Yes. I ran out of questions in the end, so my mom gave several suggestions.

7. Were there any lessons that you learned from here? Sadly no.

I already croschecked with my mom who sometimes makes fried banana, and it's right, you can use Kapok and Uli banana.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Eksplorasi (Big Trip) Members

The members of Big Trip:

Photo was taken last Wednesday.

There were 3 others who didn't join the photo session. 

Monday, 5 September 2016

Completing the 4th Challenge

My fourth challenge is to exchange a paper clip with a stranger that I've never met before with anything that the stranger wants to exchange with. Then I have to exchange the thing that the stranger gave with another stranger. The purpose of this challenge is to help us practice (how to persuade, how to choose the right person, etc. etc.) for the Big Trip, as we don't know what will happen to us.

The minimum of exchanges are 2-3 times. I exchanged my objects 4 times already, because it's really fun and exciting! You will never know what you'll get. Every time I exchange my previous object with another, the things just get more and more unexpected.

I got a forum as a guide in a PDF file.

My exchanges:
1. Paper clip to a Woods candy.
2. Woods candy to a bundle of orange post-it.
3. A bundle of orange post-it with a bottle of Fanta.

Details about the exchange:
1. Paper clip to Woods candy.
I exchanged my paper clip with a woman who was waiting for her child in ballet class in Marlupi Dance Academy. She looked about 35 years old, and she's chatting on her phone. She looked like an ordinary woman., just wearing a shirt and shorts. I chose her because she looked as if she wasn't aware of her surroundings (as she's busy with her phone) so of course she wouldn't be dangerous. Her clothes also didn't look suspicious (full of hiding places).  I chose that ballet course because: it's a (mostly) ballet course, with some other recreational activity courses, so it should be a safe place. It's not far from my house.  I have a gymnastics class there on Thursday evening, so I could directly go to my class after exchanging. Nobody accompanied me, as my mom was finding for a slot to park her car with my sister.

To persuade the woman, I said "Excuse me Ma'am, I have a group challenge where I was asked to exchange this paper clip with anything." She looked a bit confused and baffled as she didn't know what to give me. She  seemed only to bring her wallet and phone, but then she remembered she brought a Woods candy packet in her wallet, and so she gave me one (candy not the packet).

I felt quite nervous as that's my first try and the woman seemed as if she didn't bring anything, so it's like a failed exchange, but then became so happy when she took out the Woods candy. Plus, that Woods candy is a pretty good object, a good value, good enough to be traded with someone else.

2. Woods candy to a bundle of orange Post-it

I exchanged my candy with an older female student that I've never met before in GOP6, the Breeze, BSD. I exchanged it there because I had my German course there in the same building, only in a different floor level. But I had my exchange on the ground floor, as there were plenty of securities there. It's safe too, as there is a metal detector. Plus, it's quiet. Not much people there. I was planning to do my trade with a university student. There are usually some of them either doing their work or waiting for their pickup. But that day, there were no university students. So I did my trade with someone who went to my course too ( I don't know if she took a German or French course). I knew she was from my course because she wore an ID card on her neck showing that she was from my course (I had one too). She looked around 14/15/16 y.o, and was waiting for something (pickup I suppose).  She wore a white head scarf. I chose her because she's the only person there who seemed to have plenty of stuffs.

I asked for the trade by saying "Excuse me Kak, I have a team challenge where I was asked to exchange this candy with anything." After I said that, I was thinking that actually I should say "I have a team challenge where I have to exchange this candy with anything", because, I was only asked to exchange the paper clip, so it's technically a lie about what I was supposed to exchange.

Her reaction was confused at first, but then she soon understood. I felt okay when asking her to trade. Although I felt shocked when she gave me that one bundle of orange Post-it.

3. (fail)
This one's really interesting. I got interrogated. :D

I decided to do my exchange with a male security in Daan Mogot Mall, in Gramedia. At first I wanted to exchange it with the people in D'Cost, Daan Mogot, because there would be a lot of random people, but then I canceled, because the waiters and waitresses seemed busy, and the other diners either have their kids or families with them (I'm too shy to ask them, even though if you asked me to do it, I would feel nothing and do it anyway). I saw an old man alone though, but I doubt it if he had anything to share. My mom suggested I do my trade in Gramedia, and I thought why not? Perhaps they might want it, Gramedia is a stationary and book store! I know which people she wanted me to do my trade with, the customers there. But I didn't want to because I'm afraid there would be a CCTV and if they recorded me, they would thought I was stealing their Post-it and did a trade with someone else, etc. etc, whatever they think. So I did it with the security of Gramedia, and he's just outside of the shop. He looked about 37-40 something. He just wore his black uniform and other accessories.

I asked him if he would like to trade, and instead of explaining to me he had nothing to exchange or other reasons, he brought me to the cashier. :p :D. He asked me to explain to the cashier what I wanted and exchange my Post it there. First of all, I asked the security because I thought that securities are friendly to kids, even though they have a serious face. And perhaps he had a few items to exchange with. Too bad he didn't seem friendly, although he didn't do anything hurtful. Now to when he brought me to the cashier.

On the way there, he asked me what challenge is this, I said it's a social project, I meant to say social studies, but I forgot the Indonesian word, (maybe it's Pelajaran sosial?) and I was shocked he decided to bring me to the cashier instead of saying something. He said OK though.

So I explained what I wanted to the cashier using the same sentence that I always used, only changing the objects I did. Unfortunately I came when they were discussing something over their computer. So when I explain what I wanted, there were a lot of cashierens around (with the security too). Some checked the post it (I guess they're trying to find some clues if this post it was taken from their store) some were trying to get a clear picture of what I wanted, and others ask questions.

I said to them "Excuse me, I have a team challenge where I was asked to exchange this post it with anything." (I didn't stick to my tell-the-truth sentence) and then the questions started.

"Where did you get this post it from?"

"What does she want?"

"May we know what program is this?"

"What school did you go to?"

"May we have the school letter?" (Seriously guys, come on, like I'm going to do something bad to you)

"Please give us a clearer view of what this project is about, and how does it work"

"Did your school asked you to do the trade in Gramedia?"

"Where are your parents?"

Etc. etc.

The cashiers were confused what should they do with me, so they just asked me to wait and went on to work. I thought they were thinking what to give me while they're serving the customers. I overheard 2 cashierens thinking about giving me a balloon (there were plenty balloons that said "Happy national customer day." But they went againts that.

I waited for quite a long time until I decided to change the person whom I trade with. I thought just give me a pen cap or whatever simple...,when they brought the manager (I think) that asked me questions like the above, but more detailly. He said sorry that he can't just trade stuffs, he must ask the boss. He gave me 2 options, either I wait for him to talk to the boss, or do I just want to go. I chose the latter, as later I'll have to re-explain what I wanted to the boss if I waited for him. I said thank you and left.

I didn't feel anything when they interrogated me, I just feel uncomfortable towards the end.  Yes, all of them were professional questions (and actions) though, so I can't blame them.

I learned that if next time I want to do a challenge, better not do it with a professional company, just do it with entrepreneurs, as they're free to do anything they want to do.

Nobody was with me at that time, as my parents were fixing my sister's glasses in "Optik Melawai."

My mom offered me to do my trade with a street vendor, but I said no because if they're street vendors, they must be poor (they can't even rent a building), so it would be quite "harsh" to ask them to exchange the little thing they have with this Post it they would probably see as useless.

3. A bundle of orange Post-it to a 390 ml Fanta bottle.

This time I succeed! I did my trade with a new simple restaurant across my music school. It's called "Kedai Babeh". I did it with them because I'm sure the owner is there, and he would be the entrepreneur. He was wearing a white T-shirt and "office pants", looked about 40 something, and was waiting for customers. He looked fierce and serious.

When I came and said the usual sentence about school challenge/project, he smiled and was friendly. Yes, he did asked about what school I came from, and I said "I am homeschooled, there's the community." After discussing what to trade the Post it with his wife, I got that bottle of Fanta :D.

Nobody was with me there. My mom was waiting in my music school.

I'd like to trade it again, but I must submit my report today.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Completing the 3rd Challenge (Part 2)

1. Bagaimana perasaanmu saat melakukan wawancara? Saya merasa biasa saja.

2. Apa hal baru yang kamu ketahui/pelajari dari tantangan ini? Saya harus berbicara lebih jelas.

3. Apa yang kebingungan/kesulitan/kendala yang kamu rasakan/temui ketika mengerjakan tantangan ini? (bila ada) Membuat Bapak penjual roti memahami pertanyaan saya.

4. Bagaimana cara kamu berdiskusi dengan teman? Memakai telegram

5. Apa saja yang kamu diskusikan dengan teman? Pertanyaan dan cara mempresentasikannya.

6. Apa yang kamu pelajari/ajarkan kepada teman? (bila ada) Tidak ada

7. Bagaimana perasaanmu saat bekerja sama dengan teman? Biasa aja..,senang....

Those are the questions (and answers) about how my interview went on. I made an animation to make my presentation interesting, using Scratch. Here's the link to it.