Saturday, 5 August 2017

My Newest Cooking Journey

I recently enjoyed making simple desserts, such as cookies and pastries, following recipes from a baking book that I bought in the last BBW book fair in Jakarta. It's simple and easy actually. The only problem was that the recipes all creates an unpleasant "full" taste (eneg) and since then I stopped making those kind of desserts, as I still don't know how to make not-so-sweet desserts.
I was then thinking of cooking main meals, because the dishes all look interesting (like in Masterchef Australia :) ), but I didn't know where to start (even though I have lots of main meal recipes from my Mom) so I stopped for a moment, until I was offered a cooking course.

Here are some photos of me in Cooking class:

Here are the ingridients and equipments.
It has been three weeks since the first day of the cooking course, and I'm looking forward to every cooking class. Recently I was taught how to make French toast, different types of egg cookery, salad (with homemade mayonnaise and french fries), and 3 types of soups.

Left: Over-easy, Rolled Up Omelette, Sunny Side up, and scrambled egg. Right: French Toast

The eggs I made in the course.
And this is my salad:

I haven't remake the soups yet, so you won't be able to see it now :). 

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